Joe’s lifestyle collection is the creation of founder and creative director, Joe Dahan. Joe’s can simply be defined as classic chic, modernizing wardrobe staples from denim to collection. Each design is confident and sexy, a pure distillation of fashion.

The emergence of premium denim made history in the fashion industry with Joe’s at the forefront of this momentous period. Joe’s unique take on denim fits has garnered the brand a loyal fan following of women and celebrity fans alike. Joe Dahan’s easygoing nature surprisingly belies his cutting edge creativity. The brand’s DNA is one of timeless innovation. Each season continuously evolving and expanding, Joe has the ability to produce a concert of fine tuned details creating a beautiful visual rhythm, enveloping his customers in comfortable efficient beauty. Joe sees every “body” as unique, thoughtfully developing fits that accentuate and enhance a person’s physique.

His creations are those of unassuming fine points of construction that come together making a timeless fashion piece. Time and time again there are those Joe’s loyalists that bring in the jeans they have loved for 10 years wanting to replace that well worn and well loved item.

The handwork and careful process of making quality products forms a loyal appreciation from customers, who cherish the quality and fit of their Joe’s. Joe draws his inspiration from his customers’ independent displays of self-expression, and their ability to distinguish themselves from the pack wanting an individualized fit and a modern look to make his thoughtful design their own. Joe’s is here to present them with the best product.

No matter what the object- don’t just be pragmatic- differentiate yourself… choose your fit and make it your own...

Joe’s Jeans was launched in the spring of 2001 and is now available coast to coast in the USA and internationally throughout Europe, Asia, Canada, Latin America and the Middle East.

Corporate social responsibility

This past year they have supported Dress for Success, Baby Buggy and A Better LA among other local organizations.