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Sexy tailoring for strong women - Chic, sophisticated young Parisiennes have made Barbara Bui their luxury fashion byword for more than two decades, drawn in by her intuitive mix of audacity and elegance, edgy rock energy and ultra-feminine sensibility, pure minimalism and maximum glamour. A subtle sexuality never blatant, only suggestive, never arrogant, but soft and lovely. Plunging necklines, tight and form-fitting silhouettes are not what BB is about.

It's said that fashion is a mirror of society, and Barbara Bui's fashion DNA is her response to an important issue that has plagued women for generations — the feeling of being compelled to choose between two roles and identities: strong/vulnerable, independent/submissive, feminine/sensual and sexy, masculine/feminine. BB's designs have always been inspired by a passionate pursuit of balance and harmony, and a fervent desire to express that sense of duality and dichotomy. She believes this is at the core of what makes a woman a Woman.

To put Bui's fashion philosophy in its historical and sociological context, it's fascinating to note that when she began designing, fashion was at the height of Power Dressing, when women felt they had to act and dress more like men in order to be taken seriously in the workplace. She found that idea not just absurd but even offensive, and it was her response to it that initially inspired her designs, and continues to do so now. She is adamant on the point — a woman should not have to choose between her masculine and feminine qualities, but should revel in her duality.